Fagerhaugs win Pen of Three commercial heifer show |

Fagerhaugs win Pen of Three commercial heifer show

–Black Hills Stock Show

The Bohringer Ingelheim Commercial Heifer Show is a competition for commercial cattleman. The show judges five head of commercial replacement heifers under the merits of structural correctness, uniformity and confirmation for 2 minutes by a panel of three judges. All entries are commercial cattle representing all breeds and cross breeds of cattle. Cattle are not fitted nor washed. Pens are divided by a light weight, medium weight and heavy weight divisions.

The total amount of prize money is $5,000 for the champion pens at the Commercial Heifer Show.

Commercial cattleman's day is the first Sunday of the Black Hills Stock Show, Commercial Cattleman's Day is a long tradition at the Black Hills Stock Show. In honor of the many cattleman that support the Black Hills Stock Show.

The exhibitor is not allowed to wash or clip the heifers. The heifers were to be home-raised, born in 2018 be bangs vaccinated, and were not allowed to be registered.