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Fall fishing can be great for anglers

Story by Robyn Scherer, M.Agr.
Staff Reporter
Photos courtesy of Colorado parks and wildlife

Colorado is a great place for outdoor activities. Fishing in Colorado offers scenic views, beautiful fish and family fun. Anglers can enjoy a wide variety of types of fishing across the state, from fly-fishing to boat fishing. It also offers a great opportunity for families to spend time together.

The fall is a great time for fishing for several reasons. “There are so many different opportunities in Colorado in the fall. For trout fishing, they remain active. You can catch trout year-round. Some of the benefits are the temperatures are a little cooler, and trout do best in cooler water temperatures,” said Michael Seraphin, Public Information Office for the Southeast Region.

He continued, “In the eastern plains, the reservoirs are usually stocked in the spring, and then again in the early fall as the weather gets cooler. The fish are almost always coming from a place where the temperatures are cooler in the hatchery, and they can get shocked in a reservoir with cooler water. This is a plus for fall fishing.”

Another advantage to fishing in the fall is when the leaves change colors. “It’s some of the best times in general to get outdoors. I think fall is one of the best times because you can get out and see the colors, the air is crisp and clear, the water is calm and even if you don’t catch something, you have great scenery,” he said.

Another advantage to fishing in the fall is the decrease in the number of people. “It’s less crowded this time of year, and if you have the opportunity to get out in the fall, no matter what fishing hole you go to, there will likely be less people. You can have more solitude, and a little more room to stretch out. For a lot of people, the less crowding, the better,” Seraphin stated.

Many anglers are also hunters, and the fall is a great time to do a combination hunting and fishing trip. “Sometimes when you go out with your hunting group it’s a good idea to take your fishing pole along and take a break and do a little fishing,” he said.

Fishing in the fall also allows anglers to catch larger fish. “You have an opportunity to catch bigger, warm water fish as well because they have had a full season of growing. They grow the most during the summer, so the potential for bigger fish increases in the fall. Their prime temperatures when they bite is also in the fall,” said Seraphin.

A fishing license is required in Colorado for anyone over the age of 16. A one-day fishing license costs $9, and every additional day is $5. If a third day is purchased, a $10 habitat stamp must also be purchased. An annual adult resident pass, for those aged 16-64, costs $26. A habitat stamp is also required for an annual pass.

One opportunity for anglers is the Night of Fishing, held on October 26 at the Aurora Reservoir. For the evening, people can spend the entire night fishing on the reservoir and participating in the raffle. Food is provided, and the entry is $30.

Another event held at the Aurora Reservoir is the Fall Fishing Classic. Held Oct. 6, this is an all-species tournament. There is a $3,000 prize for the largest fish caught of any species. The largest fish for each species will earn $300. The entry fee is $40, and there is a cap of 850 entries. Registrations are taken until Oct. 5 at 5 p.m.

One opportunity for families exists through Angling University, based out of Denver, Colo. The University offers low cost family instruction in all aspects of angling. There is one more opportunity this fall for families to participate in, the Reel Family Fun event. This event is designed to educate parents on fundamental fishing basics to share with their kids, while youngsters learn the basics through fun, kid friendly activities.

Participants will be given the opportunity to learn how to use basic spin casting equipment to fish with bait, spinners and even flies. Families also get to test out their newly learned skills at a nearby fishing location under the watchful eye of an Angling University instructor.

There is one open class this fall, which will be held on October 14. The class will start at Bass Pro Shop in Commerce City, Colo., at 10 a.m. for two hours of in-class instruction. Participants will then travel to Barr Lake State Park for an afternoon of live fishing.

“There are plenty of reasons to get out there and go fishing this fall,” said Seraphin. ❖

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