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Fall pruning guidelines

Richard Snell
Barton County Extension Agent

If needed, winter hardy landscape plants can be pruned as soon as they become dormant. This applies to shade trees and other non-flowering plants as well as summer flowering plants. However, do not prune spring flowering trees and shrubs. Pruning spring flowering plants this fall will reduce your floral display next spring. Excessively tall canes of bush roses can also be pruned once plants are dormant. However, do not do a full pruning job this fall – wait until spring.

This is also true of perennial plants like asparagus. You can actually just let asparagus go and not cut it back in the fall, so it will catch the snow. However, if you want to cut it back, wait until Thanksgiving or later because it is putting down root reserves in the fall and cutting it or other plants and trees back too early can hinder this carbohydrate storage.

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