Fankhauser to step down as CCA executive vice president |

Fankhauser to step down as CCA executive vice president

After more than 22 years of service to Colorado’s beef industry and the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, Terry Fankhauser will be stepping down as the association’s executive vice president. Fankhauser and his wife, Hidi, and three children, Emma, Tess, and Grant, will be returning to the family’s ranch in Kansas. “I knew from an early time in my career that I wanted to serve the beef industry and make it a better place for producers to do business,” Fankhauser said. “While there is much yet to be accomplished… now maybe more than ever, I continue to believe that member organizations are critical to the success of private industries like beef production.”

Although Fankhauser will be returning to the family ranch, he will continue to be active in issues and public policy that affect our industry in Colorado and beyond. Through consideration and planning of the CCA board of directors, Fankhauser will take on a role with the association focusing on strategic efforts for CCA and the industry. This role will allow CCA to commit time and resources, in a proactive manner, when addressing some of our industry’s greatest challenges and opportunities.

“Serving as the EVP has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and for that, I owe a deep thank you to the organization, my personal mentors, and the membership,” said Fankhauser. “CCA is in great hands moving forward with an excellent staff and an exceptional EVP in Erin Karney.”


The CCA board of directors, at its January meeting, approved the promotion of Erin Karney to the executive vice president position. Karney has been with CCA as the industry advancement director since 2015.


Karney will lead the association as the executive vice president, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization in all areas of the organization’s activities and policies. The EVP works with the board of directors to obtain approval of annual budgets and policy priorities.

“I look forward to serving the members of the association and the Colorado beef industry. There are some big shoes to fill, but I believe Terry has prepared us for the challenges and opportunities ahead. I look forward to working with the members, board, and industry partners in this new capacity.”

Karney grew up on her family’s ranching operation in Las Animas, Colo. She is still involved in her family’s operation as well as a cattle herd of her own. Her passion for the industry and history runs deep, as a sixth-generation rancher in Colorado and a fourth-generation CCA member. “CCA has been a huge part of my and my family’s life, I grew up in the association. I take great pride in ensuring that CCA is serving the membership as well as representing the beef industry in all facets.”

The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association’s board of directors is first and foremost committed to advancing and advocating for Colorado’s beef cattle producers. With this commitment in mind, the board of directors looked upon an executive vice president transition as an opportunity to continue the excellent leadership past leaders have brought to the organization while also adding capacity and resources to issues demanding strategic engagement for proactive returns. To best address both goals for the association, the board of directors is excited to announce the hiring of Erin Karney as CCA’s new EVP as well as Terry Fankhauser’s continuation of service in a new strategic role. This transition will be effective Aug. 1, 2022.

The board of directors is confident that Karney is committed to advancing Colorado beef production and equally committed to CCA. The CCA board of directors is eager to grow and capture new opportunities under Karney’s leadership. The board of directors is pleased that Fankhauser will continue in a new role that will address issues demanding strategic engagement for proactive returns. This partnership between Karney and Fankhauser will assuredly yield lasting results for Colorado’s beef industry.


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