Farm Bureau: NYT refused to publish Duvall essay

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall said on Farm Bureau’s website that he prepared an essay in response to The New York Times opinion video criticizing agriculture for contributing to climate change called “Meeting the People Getting Paid to Kill Our Planet,” but the Times declined to publish it.

The Times has subsequently posted a video called “See the True Cost of Your Cheap Chicken.”

Each of the videos is preceded by an ad urging people to get COVID-19 vaccines that says it is paid for by the Health and Human Services Department.

The New York Times posted an opinion video criticizing “factory farming” of chickens.

In the video, an advocate says that chicken should be $6 a pound, not $1 a pound.

In a response, the National Chicken Council said, “The New York Times opinion video, ‘The True Cost of Cheap Chicken,’ is a vegan propaganda piece whose goal is to make meat more expensive, as clearly articulated in the final line of the video, ‘Chicken should be $6 a pound, not $1 a pound.’’

“The activist group behind the video, Mercy for Animals, spends tens of millions of dollars a year imposing their agenda on consumers — which is eliminating animal agriculture and meat — and ultimately encouraging a vegan lifestyle.

“The fact that The New York Times is promoting a video that advocates for a 500% increase in the cost of food shows just how out of touch they are with most Americans, who are already living with the highest inflation in 40 years. The latest Consumer Price Index recently released marked the biggest gain since February 1982 and was even higher than the Wall Street estimate.

“And at the same time, the Biden administration is discussing additional regulatory burdens that would only add more costs to chicken producers and more costs to already soaring grocery bills for Americans.

“The health and proper treatment of our chickens is not only an ethical obligation, it makes good business sense. Companies do everything possible to help the farmers raise the best, healthiest chickens.”


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