Farm Credit of Southern Colorado forms Student Board of Directors |

Farm Credit of Southern Colorado forms Student Board of Directors

Farm Credit of Southern ColoradoThe Fall 2008 Board members are: (Back Row, Left to Right) Tyler Cozzens, Eaton, Colo.; Bryce Borror, Gerber, Calif.; Tiffany Dziuban, Fort Collins, Colo.; Katie Lewine, Redwood City, Calif.; Jenna Meeks, Twin Falls, Idaho; Aaron Kravig, Karval, Colo.; Luke Brummel, Strasburg, Colo., and Josh Wittler, Walsh, Colo. (Front Row, Left to Right) Nathan Welp, Wray, Colo.; Megan Kozey, Laporte, Colo.; Lance Pfeiff, Olney Springs, Colo.; Kathleen Browning, Fort Collins, Colo.; Colin Durham, Yoder, Colo., and Spencer Prosser, Winslow, Ariz.

Farm Credit of Southern Colorado is partnering with Colorado State University College of Agricultural Sciences to give students the opportunity to gain valuable industry exposure and career-related experience by serving on the Farm Credit of Southern Colorado Student Board of Directors.

The mission of the program is to provide CSU students with an educational experience in agricultural finance and business management. It also hopes to enhance the student’s ability to evaluate a business and develop forward thinking strategies.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to partner with the students at CSU,” said Barry Cooper, President and CEO of Farm Credit of Southern Colorado. “We intend to utilize their knowledge and talents to provide us input and analysis on various agricultural and rural issues, and we hope they learn from us about agricultural finance and the corporate world.”

The program is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas between the members of the Student Board and the management and Board of Farm Credit of Southern Colorado. Each semester the Student Board will complete a case study that directly relates to the operations of Farm Credit. They will then present their findings to the management and Board of Farm Credit.

“The students have a different perspective on issues and it provides us the opportunity to reexamine our point of view,” said Gary Pautler, Board Chairman of Farm Credit of Southern Colorado.

Junior, Senior and Graduate level CSU students from the Colleges of Agriculture and Business are invited to apply each semester. Fourteen students were selected to serve on the inaugural Student Board during the Fall 2008 Semester. The students were chosen based on their agricultural background, interest in agriculture, rural business and finance, and their career aspirations.


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