Farmers – remember truck weight exception during harvest |

Farmers – remember truck weight exception during harvest

LINCOLN, Neb. – With harvest getting fully underway this week, the Nebraska Corn Board reminds farmers that trucks hauling grain and other seasonally harvested products do not need a permit to exceed maximum load weights by 15 percent on any tandem axle, group of axles and gross weight. The law also applies to trucks with no more than a single rear axle.

The load weight exception applies only to seasonally harvested products that are moved from the field to storage, market or stockpile or from a stockpile to market or factory up to 70 miles away. Other overweight situations, traveling distances and farmers looking to exceed legal length limits for trucks during harvest require a permit.

To use the exception, the grain or harvested product’s owner or representative of the owner must sign a statement of origin and destination.

The exception does not apply to Interstate highways and farmers must still follow any weight restrictions for bridges and roads posted by local officials.

“The overweight exception helps farmers be more efficient and more quickly move corn, soybeans and other products to market and storage facilities during the busy harvest season,” said Kelly Brunkhorst, director of research for the Nebraska Corn Board. “However, farmers must still follow posted weight restrictions and follow safety guidelines and limits for their specific grain trucks.”

For more information, check out the Nebraska Corn Board’s website, at

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