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FAS: Mexican president launches campaign criticizing imported, processed food

-The Hagstrom Report

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has announced the launch of a new health and nutrition campaign from the Secretariat of Consumer Protection (acronym PROFECO in Spanish) “La Nueva Mesa” (“The New Table”), with the goal of improving the nutrition of Mexicans and encouraging healthier eating habits by targeting processed and imported foods, the Agriculture Department’s Foreign Agricultural Service reported Tuesday.

The campaign will consist of videos, radio programs and social media posts.

FAS wrote, “The first video addresses the alleged risks of eating processed products, and claims that the processed food and drinks industry has led consumers to believe that the purchase of these products (that contain high amounts of sugars, fasts, and artificial flavors) would save time that could be spent with family. Instead, the video states that these products have only brought on high rates of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. It claims that Mexican consumers have lost ‘decision making power,’ and vows to reclaim the food system and ‘reinvent ourselves towards a truly nutritious diet.’

“The second video promotes Mexican products like avocados from Michoacán, fish from Baja California, and strawberries from Guanajuato, and stating ‘our land offers us health, growth, and well-being.’ Speaking again to parents who are responsible for creating the ‘new table,’ the video goes on to state, ‘It is in your hands to choose between products made in Mexico — organic, natural, endemic — or consuming imported, processed, high-fat and sugar products.’”