Fastrac 8250 tractor has a highway speed of 50 mph |

Fastrac 8250 tractor has a highway speed of 50 mph

by Tony Bruguiere
Ft. Collins, Colo.

The harvest season is in full swing in northern Colorado and for contract cutters like Paul Staley, time is money. You will not see a lot of these tractors in Colorado. In fact, according to Ron Lonneman, owner of Ron's Equipment in Fort Collins, which is the only JCB dealer in Colorado, there are exactly two JCB tractors of this size in Weld County and Staley owns them both.

JCB is a family owned heavy construction equipment company in the United Kingdom that has been in business for 67 years. JCB is one of the world's top three manufacturers of heavy construction equipment. They employ around 10,000 people on four continents and sell their products in 150 countries.

They have only one tractor line, but what a tractor it is. The JCB that Staley is using to bale wheat straw is a 2005 JCB Fastrac 8250 with 8.3-liter Cummins engine and V-Tronic transmission, all around suspension, and truck ABS brakes.

The engine generates 279 hp and besides generating impressive torque and power, this truck is made to go fast — it has a top highway speed of 50 mph.

Inside the quiet air-conditioned cab, Staley sits in complete comfort surrounded by the latest in instrumentation and technology. If you want to ensure that your rows are absolutely straight, GPS is available for the JCB Fastrac.

When you are a contract cutter, you do not want to waste time creeping down the road to your next job. And there is no need to trailer this beast to the next site as it reaches 50 mph on the highway. ❖