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FDA: Tainted romaine ‘likely’ from California

Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in a series of tweets Friday that the romaine lettuce that has led to outbreaks of food borne illness “is likely from California based on growing and harvesting patterns.”

“The goal now is to withdraw the product that’s at risk of being contaminated from the market, and then re-stock the market,” Gottlieb said. “New romaine from different growing regions, including Florida and Arizona, will soon be harvested.”

“We’re working with growers and distributors on labeling produce for location and harvest date and possibly other ways of informing consumers that the product is ‘post-purge.’

“We want to help unaffected growers get back into production and enable stores and consumers to re-stock. One goal we’re seeking is to make this type of labeling the new standard rather than a short-term fix; as a way to improve idenfication and traceability in the system.”

The Centers for Disease Control has told people in the United States and Canada not to eat any romaine lettuce. The Canadian government has said it will not be easy to trace the source of the tainted romaine lettuce in that country, Food Safety News reported.

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