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FDA, USDA spar over lab-grown meat

The Food and Drug Administration on June 15 announced a public meeting to discuss regulation of lab grown meat but the Agriculture Department questioned whether FDA should be regulating anything that would be sold as meat.

In a Federal Register notice, FDA said it would hold a public meeting on July 12 entitled “Foods Produced Using Animal Cell Culture Technology.”

“FDA is holding the public meeting to provide the public with an opportunity to provide comments related to the production of foods using animal cell culture technology,” the notice said.

But a USDA spokesman said, “FDA’s claim of jurisdiction over food — and anything used in food — is so overly broad that it implies that USDA doesn’t have a role. According to federal law, meat and poultry inspections are the sole purview of USDA, so we expect any product marketed as ‘meat’ to be USDA’s responsibility. We look forward to working with FDA as we engage the public on this issue.”

USDA inspects most meat and poultry, but when Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue traveled to FDA headquarters in Maryland recently for a town hall with FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, Gottlieb pointed out that FDA is in charge of meat from game animals.


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