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Feedlot management program offered Jan. 16-17

Mike Jarosz
Weld County Livestock Agent

Feedlot employees, owners, and managers are invited to a program titled “Feedlot Feeding Management” offered by Colorado State University Extension at the Animal Research Development and Education Center (ARDEC) north of Ft. Collins. The program will be presented in English on Wednesday, Jan. 16 and in Spanish on Thursday, Jan. 17 beginning both days with registration at 9:30 and the program ending at 3:30. The cost to attend is $20 per person by Jan. 11, 2008 and $25 at the door.

The goal of the program is to provide animal and feeding demonstrations depicting the importance of proper feeding management and if done improperly what the consequences to the animal can be.

Dr. Shawn Archibeque, CSU Assistant Professor will be speaking on the rumen anatomy with a hands-on demonstration of what happens to rumen microbes during acidosis. During this talk an animal with a surgically placed opening to the rumen will be available to discuss digestive tract anatomy and function and demonstrate what happens to the microbes in the rumen if an animal is fed too much grain too quickly (acidosis).

Other topics that will be discussed during the day include: diagnosing, treating and preventing bloat, acidosis and polio; Importance of Communication; Feed ingredient maintenance; Feed Intake – Understanding how much cattle should eat, and Bunk Management basics. The Spanish version will cover the same topics with Dr. Noa Roman-Muniz, CSU-Integrated Livestock Management, presenting the information. Dr. Roman conducts a similar program for dairies that has been popular in the area.

A lunch will be provided and is part of your registration cost. A link to the program and registration can be found at: http://www.csubeef.com

For more information contact Mike Jarosz, Livestock Agent, Weld County, (970) 590-0796, mjarosz@co.weld.co.us or David Colburn, Livestock Agent, Logan County, (970)522-3200 x283, david.colburn@colostate.edu.


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