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FERN points out that COVID-19 payment limit is $750,000

-The Hagstrom Report

In an analysis released today, the Food and Environment Reporting Network noted that the top payment limit for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program is $750,000.

FERN wrote, “The Trump administration modified its $16 billion coronavirus aid program for agriculture so it will be easier for farmers, particularly livestock producers and specialty crop growers who complained of inadequate support, to collect larger payments, to a maximum of $250,000 per person or $750,000 for corporate entities.

“Cattle and hog farmers, joined by allies in Congress, were among the most vocal in calling for the administration to alter its proposed limits of $125,000 per commodity and a total of $250,000 per farmer of entity. Thin profit margins require operators to produce large numbers of livestock or make huge investments in fruit and vegetable farms to make a living, they argued in seeking more generous rules. Most producers specialize in one type of livestock, so the effective limit would be $125,000, they said.

“In the package unveiled by Trump, the payment limit is $250,000 per person for all eligible commodities and $750,000 for payments to limited partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies. Up to three shareholders in the corporate entities are eligible for payments of $250,000 each if they contribute at least 400 hours a year in management or labor. So long as operators make at least 75% of their adjusted gross income from agriculture, there is no income barrier to applicants.”

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