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FFA Club News 10-11-10

Eaton FFA members participate in the annual Farm-Adie by helping Keith Day, who is a resident of Pierce and legally blind, move from his home of 30 years.

Shovels, leather gloves, and pliers in hand, the Eaton FFA students set out to lend a helpful hand in the community. Students spent their Monday off of school cleaning Evelyn Schwisow’s, of Lucerne, Colo., and Keith Day’s, of Pierce, Colo., properties. This community service project is known as Farm-Aide and the members participate annually.

This year members set out to Ms. Schwisow’s home to help with weed control and any other things that Ms. Schwisow needed. Members helped all day by mowing weeds, moving rock, fixing and painting a picnic table, and covering her tractor. Students took a short break for lunch and then returned to finish their work. After members were done Ms. Schwisow said students, “handled themselves well and were very respectful.” The members were grateful that they could lend a hand and touch someone’s life in their community.

Students also helped Mr. Day move from his home of 30 years. Members spent the morning moving panels and sorting metal. They loaded panels, water tanks, and fencing material and helped Mr. Day move it to his new home. Mr. Day is legally blind and not allowed to drive. The students helped tremendously by hauling items to Mr. Day’s new home. FFA members felt very accomplished when the sun set because they had helped their community and represented the Eaton FFA chapter.

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