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FFA Club News 4-12-10

In 1958 Rex Davis, advisor and members of the then Kersey FFA Chapter began a spring livestock show, which they called the Little American Royal. Now, 52 years later, the Platte Valley FFA Chapter will host the 52nd Annual Little American Royal Livestock and Horse Show on April 30 and May 1, 2010.

FFA, 4-H and breed association members will have the opportunity to exhibit beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, meat goats, sheep and swine. The Little American Royal is billed as the largest spring show in Colorado with entries numbering as many as 1,200 in all six shows.

Dairy, meat goats and swine will be shown on Friday evening, April 30. Beef cattle, horses and swine will be shown on Saturday, May 1.

The culmination of the show is the All Around Showmanship, with showmanship winners from all six species competing for the prize of Champion All Around Showman. Awards include 96 trophies and 12 belt buckles presented by our faithful donors following the All Around Showmanship competition.

For exact times and locations, please view the show flyer at http://www.PlatteValley.k12.co.us.

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