Field peas in livestock rations |

Field peas in livestock rations

I would like to start off by thanking Steve Melvin, John Smith, and Gary Stone, researchers with UNL Extension for their presentations during our no-till water conservation workshops. These gentlemen did an excellent job of presenting their data and research to producers around the Panhandle and I really appreciate their efforts in making our meetings a success.

The final series of no-till workshops to be held next week will feature Drew Lyon, Dipak Santra, and Karla Jenkins, researchers at the Panhandle Research and Extension Center in Scottsbluff. Topics for this workshop will include crop rotations for dry land crop production, alternative crops, forages, and the use of field peas in livestock feed rations.

I will discuss the use of legumes in our crop rotations on our farm. These meetings will be informal with lots of discussion on any variety of topics of interest to local producers. Paul Bergner, UNL economist at the Panhandle Research Center will also have an economic analysis available for the different crop rotations used in our area.

These workshops will take place at the following locations:

• February 22, 2011- Cropping Rotation Workshop

Location- Chadron, Neb., Country Kitchen Restaurant – 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.

• February 23, 2011- Cropping Rotation Workshop

Location- Alliance Public Library, 1750 Sweetwater, Room A – 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.

• February 24, 2011- Cropping Rotation Workshop

Location- Sidney, Neb.,, South Platte NRD office – 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.

For more information contact Mark Watson at (308) 632-2749.

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