Fighting for agriculture |

Fighting for agriculture

While the Colorado legislature is conjuring up ways to kill the livestock industry and the first gentleman is pleading for people to provide property for displaced prairie dogs, college students in Boulder rioted, overturned vehicles and created a dangerous situation, and a man killed 10 people at a King Soopers store in Boulder.

I think the legislature has bigger fish to fry.

Livestock producers now have to add protecting their livelihood to the list of all their worries.

The good news is that groups are forming to fight the Protect Animals from Unnecessary Suffering and Exploitation or PAUSE proposal.

Also, people in other states are hearing about this and are supportive of the Colorado livestock industry. They should keep their eye on this legislation because if the animal rights people can do this in Colorado, they can attempt it in other states.

The bad news is that the federal government thinks they should tell farmers and ranchers how to use their land (see pages 32 and 33). President Biden’s 30×30 plan would conserve 30 percent of U.S. land to control climate change.

What is wrong with these people? One day they are praising ag producers for feeding people everyday through the pandemic and the next day they are finding ways to destroy the farming and ranching industry.

Remember when the government was more worried about the economy, hungry and homeless people, international affairs and crime.

People involved in agriculture and those that support them need to come together to fight for the industry.

The Fence Post will continue to cover these important issues and keep you informed as best we can.



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