Finding common ground on public lands |

Finding common ground on public lands

Colorado Cattlemen’s Association

With the growing population of Colorado and the increased use of public lands, now is the time to explore more about multiple-use on these lands. Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, in collaboration with other partners, is seeking more information through survey work.

A survey was developed and designed with input from a diverse stakeholder audience, including the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Forest Service, outdoor recreationists, and ranchers, to collect feedback about public lands use. This survey will not be a comprehensive analysis of public lands (BLM and USFS lands) users and differences between each user group, but instead give a sense of what different user groups see as conflicts and opportunities on public lands. The goal of this survey is to better understand the opportunities and challenges for multiple-use on public lands from perspectives of livestock producers and outdoor recreationists.

Direct feedback is critical to understanding priorities of public lands users, therefore, Colorado Cattlemen’s Association and its partners, are asking for your participation. Please take the time to complete the survey at

For questions and other comments, please contact Colorado Cattlemen’s Association at (303) 431-6422 or ❖

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