Finding our mountain Christmas tree |

Finding our mountain Christmas tree

With steaming mugs of coffee, a bundle of hats, mittens, scarves and coats, we pile into the warm pick up and head off into the snowy evening to find our Christmas tree. Listening to Christmas music we travel down a bumpy mountain road, keeping alert as we search for our family Christmas tree through the snow-white woods.

As we drive, our little girl asks when Christmas will be here. Like any other child, she wants Santa to come as soon as possible. Waiting for Santa slips her mind, and she enjoys watching the snowflakes descend outside of the pick up window.

Our tracks are filled with snow as we look behind us. Our road meanders with the river, frozen in patches and crystal clear. Two geese quietly walk along the banks, looking for bits to nibble on. A moose crosses the road in front of us, leaving his own tracks to be filled with the snow. Usually on the lookout for a grizzly bear, the moose is relaxed knowing the falling snow sent them to their dens to wait out the winter.

We finally find our Christmas tree down an old logging road. The fresh smell of the aromatic evergreens fills our truck and will soon fill our home. A few pinecones are still attached, making perfect additions to go along with our ornaments and lights.

As we leave to head back home, we drive down our mountain road which looks as if no one has even driven down it since the snow has filled in all of our tire tracks. The fiddle, mandolin, and banjo continue rolling out the beautiful Christmas notes – taking us home to our Christmas decorations, a warm fire, and fond memories of spending time together finding our annual Christmas tree down a bumpy mountain road.

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