First Lady receives White House Christmas tree |

First Lady receives White House Christmas tree

The horse-drawn wagon delivers this year's White House Christmas tree, a balsam fir.
The Hagstrom Report |

First Lady Melania Trump received the White House Christmas tree on Nov. 20 for display in the Blue Room of the presidential mansion during the many receptions that take place there in December.

First ladies traditionally accepted the tree on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but the Trump family is leaving on Nov. 21 for Mar-a-Lago, their home and club in Palm Beach, Fla,. for the holiday.

The tree is a balsam fir grown by Jim Chapman and his son David Chapman of Silent Night Evergreens, a wholesale Christmas tree farm located in Endeavor, Wis., according to the Wisconsin State Farmer.

The tree was named national grand champion in the National Christmas Tree Association’s 2017 contest.

The contest was held in Green Bay, Wis., in conjunction with the Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association meeting, and attracted 21 contestants from across the country. Each competing grower won a state contest to qualify, the Wisconsin State Farmer said.

The Chapmans also earned grand champion awards in 1998 and 2003, and presented trees to President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.

The National Christmas Tree Association and the Christmas Tree Promotion Board, a checkoff program, promote the purchase of live, cut trees rather than artificial trees.

The industry also sponsors the Trees for Troops program that accepts contributions for purchase and shipping of trees to American troops overseas.


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