First-time 4-Her restores a cart to show at the Weld County Fair |

First-time 4-Her restores a cart to show at the Weld County Fair

Rachel Spencer
For The Fence Post
Clay Gabel's pony, Lucky, pulled his fully restored cart around the family's Platteville, Colo., farm before it was taken to the Weld County Fair for judging.
Photo by Rachel Spencer |

The cart wasn’t much to look at when Clay Gabel, a first year Weld County 4-H member, and his dad, Todd, began the work to restore it to it’s former glory.

In his first year in 4-H, Gabel is exhibiting two market steers and participating in the Restoration Project. For the project, members can choose either a piece of furniture, a vehicle, or a piece of machinery and restore it to it’s proper usable form. During the process, the member learns about safety in the shop, the history of the item, and the lessons that come through long hours in the shop.

Gabel and his dad spent a number of hours in their Platteville, Colo., shop repairing, replacing parts, and even adding Clay’s brand to the back of the pony cart. Prior to transporting it to the fair, Gabel was able to hook the cart to his pony, Lucky.

Gabel first drove the pony from the ground with instruction from his grandfather, Jim Gabel, before climbing aboard the cart. By the end of the day, he was able to offer his younger brother, Trent, and cousin Gretchen, rides. Gabel’s cart, which he won Reserve Champion overall with, will be on display at the Weld County Fair in Greeley. ❖