Fishery enhancement project benefits from grant award |

Fishery enhancement project benefits from grant award

CHEYENNE, Wyo. ­­— “We are pleased to award the Natural Resource Project Grant to Star Valley Conservation District to help fund the Lower Swift Creek Stream Restoration and Stabilization Projec,” said Jack Berger, president of the Wyoming Natural Resource Foundation.

The Star Valley Conservation District has initiated a stream restoration and stabilization down the lower Swift Creek near its confluence with the Salt River. This project would protect and improve spawning cutthroat trout habitat in the lower Swift Creek, reduce sediment contributions to the Salt River, and reduce landowner flood risk and maintenance requirements.

The Wildlife and Natural Resource Project Grant was made available with the support of Wyoming Game & Fish Commissioner, Ralph Brokaw. Brokaw generously awarded the foundation a Commissioner license that was auctioned.

The Wyoming Natural Resource Foundation is an organization dedicated to conserving Wyoming’s natural resources, heritage, and culture. WNRF has established partnerships with many local, state, and federal agencies, as well as private and volunteer organizations.