Fishing Tips: must have accessories

Fish jumping out of water
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Besides your rod, reel, and a few lures, there are several must have accessories every successful angler needs. Line-clippers should be carried on a lanyard around your neck or on your belt. Use them and save your teeth. Long-nose pliers will assist in removing hooks while reducing possible injury to you. Hook sharpening tools are a must. Hooks become dull after banging into rocks and getting tuck in wood. A lot of fish are lost because of dull hooks. Sharpen them before every fishing trip and even during. Another necessary item is a pair of polarized sunglasses. These allow you to view underwater objects in the shallows, which you normally would miss due to the sun’s glare on the surface. Get quality glasses with maximum UV-ray protection. Your eyes will thank you later in life.

~ Larry Whiteley is host of the award winning “Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World®” Radio News & Tips