Food Safety News issues warning about FDA, CDC |

Food Safety News issues warning about FDA, CDC

Food Safety News, the newsletter published by Bill Marler, the prominent Seattle-based food safety lawyer, will, for the next six weeks, attach a note to every story posted on the Food and Drug Administration saying the agencies are not to be trusted, Dan Flynn, the editor of the newsletter, said in a post on Sunday.

Flynn said Food Safety News will publish the warning because the FDA and the CDC hid the outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 from contamination of romaine lettuce for six weeks.

“There have been three recent E. coli O157:H7 outbreaks likely caused by romaine,” Flynn wrote. “Deadly and embarrassing outbreaks for romaine growers and the regulating agencies. Almost 300 people in those three outbreaks were infected and six people are dead.”

Flynn said Food Safety News would publish the following above each FDA or CDC story: Note: At this time, the credibility of the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not to be trusted. Both agencies have shown a reckless disregard for the public’s right to know, and their reliability going forward remains suspect.

Marler has also published several blog posts on transparency in the agencies.

The Washington Post, Consumer Reports and The Hill also noted the slowness in the public notifications.

A CDC spokesman told The Washington Post that the agency waited until last Thursday to make a public announcement because “there are a few variables to consider when posting an outbreak, but the CDC generally posts outbreak warnings when there is something actionable for consumers to do.”