Franklin Levinson Clinic Coming to Longmont |

Franklin Levinson Clinic Coming to Longmont

World-renowned horse trainer and teacher Franklin Levinson will hold a clinic on August 16 &17, at Windy Creek Ranch, 10500 N. 49th Street, Longmont, Colorado, one of only two clinics to be held in the state this year. Levinson’s series of training articles was recently published in Rocky Mountain edition of The Fence Post, and he has been hailed the world over as an equine expert for his efficient, effective and calm training methods.

Saturday, Aug. 16, the topic will be “Turning All Problems into Opportunities,” which will deal with developing a willing and compliant equine partner in most all situations, like calming the nervous horse, getting ready for the vet or farrier, understanding and resolving equine fear, trailer loading and other challenging situations faced by horse enthusiasts.

Sunday, Aug. 17, Levinson will discuss “Elements of Centered Balanced Riding,” in which he will demonstrate and teach how lighter hands, a supple rider, better use of leg cues, aids and best seat mean a lighter, happier and better performing horse. He will also explore Equine Competitive Sports Psychology for developing winning strategies and great techniques when showing. Bridle-less riding will be offered for those interested.

Classes are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days. Cost for one day is $150 to participate or $50 to audit. Cost for both days is $275 to participate or $75 to audit. Overnight stabling is available with limited trailer hookups. Book now as space is limited and time is short.

You may register by calling 303-678-1469. Visit Franklin at


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