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Friends on Facebook

When I first started my Facebook page I thought it was great to be able to connect with friends and family.

And it was.

Now I get so much advertising on my page that at times I think about leaving Facebook.

Oh, I know it is sometimes my own fault that I get some advertising as I share the latest and greatest ads about wrinkle creams, cute shoes, diet and exercise tips and, of course, videos of animals and cute babies.

But a lot of other stuff sneaks onto my Facebook page like ads for 1-800 Contacts, I don’t have contacts. I also get stuff from Incredible Recipes but I don’t cook.

Sometimes I get posts that cause me to pause. Like, “Why the heck aren’t cereal bags Ziploc yet?” Hmmmm, yeah, why not?

Then you get these little gems like this one that you ranchers I’m sure will enjoy. “Ranching – noun – The art of losing money while working 400 hours a month to feed people who think you’re trying to kill them.”

Or this one: “It’s so cold … I saw chickens lined up outside of a KFC waiting for their turn in the deep fryer.”

I know there are people so obsessed with Facebook who know exactly how many friends they have and even invite people they don’t know. And, still others who keep track of how many likes they get on their posts. I don’t have time for that. I have to keep track of that stuff at work when I post to The Fence Post Facebook page, so I’m not doing it on my own page.

I also have some friends who constantly rant about politics. They are always the ones who start a post with “I don’t usually post political stuff on Facebook but…” I don’t delete them from my page because some of them are my family and friends. I just know who they are and don’t’ read their posts.

So I guess I’ll stick with Facebook for a while, at least until something else is invented that blocks ads. ❖


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