From Our Mailbox 12-6-10 |

From Our Mailbox 12-6-10

Dear Editor:

This past summer has been unusually busy for me with additional demands on a family situation taking more of my time than normal. The Fence Post arrives in my Post Office Box every Monday (except holidays) without fail, and I look forward to that regularity. I have fallen behind on my reading of each issue, yet I refuse to simply pass one off and not open the covers to read my favorite weekly contributors like “Mad Jack” Hanks; Milo; Baxter Black; Lee Pitts; Gwen Petersen and all the others whom I look forward to every week.

In my efforts to catch up, I am finally into September’s issues. I just read the 30th Anniversary Edition and found the articles quite thought provoking, and mused over why it is that the Rocky Mountain News could not continue to see print, yet the Fence Post thrives. I know why: The Fence Post is truly a Community Contribution; both in readership and contributory articles. I live in Encampment, Wyo. – a town of 443 (though I am still certain that includes the residents of the Grand Encampment Cemetery). I work for the local electric cooperative in Saratoga, Wyo.; just 20 miles north of Encampment. Everyone around here either subscribes to, or is at the very least, familiar with the Fence Post.

Beyond just the familiarity, the Fence Post has several local contributors whom I know personally; and I’m nobody special! Candy Moulton lives just east of Encampment, and is the cousin of one of my coworkers. Jerry Palin lives in Saratoga, and I’ve been to his house to help with the wireless network there. Ella Marie Hayes and her husband Noel are Saratoga residents whom I’ve also had the pleasure of assisting with computer needs.

As for the weekly writers whom I may not know personally, I know in that kindred spirit sort of way. “Mad Jack” writes about the T-Bar, I know where that is! I’ve ridden my Harley past there more than once! A local retired businessman in Saratoga has several autographed comics from “Mad Jack” hanging in his office. The General Manager at our coop is himself a respected cowboy poet (Chuck Larsen), and has performed in many of the venues written about in the FencePost.

The Fence Post has flourished for 30 plus years, because of course of a great staff, but also because the 80,000 plus readers (I’m into my 10th year) relate to the stories; know the people; know the territory; and live the life that is written about every week in the publication. The Fence Post will continue to succeed, because it has character, grit, and loyalty that is hard to find anywhere else.

Thank you, I look forward to many more years.

Cindy Hamilton

Encampment, Wyo

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