From the Beginning: Austin & Austin |

From the Beginning: Austin & Austin

Austin & Austin has been in the northern Colorado Real Estate business since 1903.

They specialize in land brokerage – residential, new construction, commercial/investment, farm and ranch properties.

Ted Carlson has owned Austin & Austin for over 25 years and said they have the whole kit and caboodle when it comes to rural land. He attributes its success to the competency of his employees.

“I think the main thing is we’ve been here for a long time and all of

us have a good knowledge of what’s going on.”

Being in the business of land, Carlson and his team have to keep up with the ever-changing land use rights.

“We strive to get better every day and keep on top of what’s going on trend wise and market wise,” Carlson said. “We are here to help people get things sold and bought.”

Carlson has advertised with the Fence Post since the first issue and has always found a positive response.

“People read it cover to cover and we get a lot of response,” Carlson said. “It gets to our target market.”

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