From the Beginning: Maxey Companies |

From the Beginning: Maxey Companies

Maxey Companies began in 1969 as a small manufacturing company. Today, it has grown into three facilities – sales, service and parts.

General manager, Carl Maxey’s father started the business and Maxey became a full-time employee in 1987, keeping it a family business.

They specialize in light-medium duty trailers. But these aren’t trailers you will find just anywhere.

“Our manufacturing company is focused on the specialized aspect of what trailers are used for,” Maxey said. “We don’t build the every day stuff.”

They are a design and build manufacturer that can handle very specialized needs.

“The trailers are engineered through and through with longevity in mind,” Maxey said. “We give you the very best value and support that your dollar will go and get you.”

Maxey served on the Trade Association’s executive board for six years and tried to tackle the question: How do we ensure the public that they are buying a high-quality product that’s worthy of being on the road from a manufacture that meets the minimum requirement? In solving this problem, the NATM compliance program was created.

The NATM (National Association of Trailers Manufactures) label promotes safety and certifies that a manufacture is meeting requirements.

Maxey Companies was the 27th company inspected and the first to pass on its first inspection.

“It’s our companies commitment to our customers and their safety and the well-being of our customers and their cargo,” Maxey said of their NATM seal.

Maxey holds his standards to brands they carry as well.

“We have a long standing policy – we won’t sell anybody’s product that doesn’t meet the requirements of the Trade Association,” Maxey said. “The suppliers we’ve picked are phenomenal. We are fortunate to work with top brands.”

The success of Maxey companies can be not only attributed to the quality of product but the quality of the employees as well.

According to Maxey they are the greatest assets the company has.

Maxey has many of the same values his father does – honesty, integrity and character. He wants to be accessible to the customers, open six days a week and always willing to listen to the customer.

“We are convenient to get to,” Maxey said. “We chose this interstate location to serve Northern Colorado, eastern plains, western Nebraska and southern Wyoming.”

He knows it is important to have someone that you know and trust.

“We believe at the end of the day your ultimate satisfaction is with who you bought it from and if there is a problem that somebody will be there to take care of you,” Maxey said.

Maxey companies has advertised with the Fence Post since the beginning of their retail operations.

As a farmer himself, Maxey wants to stay connected to the people who have a genuine interest in agricultural, and the Fence post helps him do just that.

“When I was a kid growing up agriculture was number one in Weld County and Larimer was running a close second,” Maxey said. “A lot of our relationships and ties are agriculture in nature.”

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