From the Beginning: Sterling Livestock |

From the Beginning: Sterling Livestock

Sterling Livestock specializes in several different areas of auctions and is a family oriented business.

Husband and wife team Jim and Becky Santomaso own the business and get some help from their son, sister-in-laws, daughter and daughter-in law.

Sterling Livestock offers livestock, farm, antique and real estate auctions.

“We offer a complete auction service and for just about any kind of liquidation – primarily on cattle end,” Jim said.

The Santomasos have kept up with the changing times with countless changes. One change in particular is that they now offer online cattle auctions.

Jim’s father-in-law bought the business in 1958 and Jim began working for him in 1972. And some day he hopes to pass the business on to his son.

“We are very community minded and have personalized service,” Jim said. “We have a crew that does an outstanding service we take care of the customers. We treat people that come in here like family.”

Jim said his qualified crew is the key to their success.

They have advertised with the Fence Post for 30 years.

“The Fence Post has an enormous circulation,” Jim said. “Most people get the Fence Post that are in agriculture and they see our market reports and we are constantly getting calls, ‘I see this in the Fence Post.'”

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