From the Beginning: WW Auctions |

From the Beginning: WW Auctions

Meagan Birely
Greeley, Colo.

WW Auctions has been owned by a husband and wife team, Everritt and Donna Schneider, for 22 years. They run the business out of their home in Fort Collins, Colo.

Established in 1978, the Schneiders took over in 1988, WW Auctions specializes in farm auctions. Depending on the time of year they do estate auctions, business liquidations and real estate. Everritt also does quite a few property evaluations personal property and real estate.

“Our customers make us a success,” Donna said. “We have a lot of the same customers that keep coming back to auctions and we get to know them.”

The Schneiders have kept up with the changing times by offering online auctions as well.

The Schneiders have advertised with the Fence Post for years since they took over the business and utilize the agricultural appeal of the publication.

“It is the last paper that really deals with agriculture,” Donna said. “It seems most of the people in this area read it”

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