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FSA civil servant: Biden administration emphasizes access to programs

VAIL, Colo. — The Biden administration is making more of an effort than previous administrations to make sure that as many farmers as possible have access to the farm subsidy and disaster aid programs that the Agriculture Department’s Farm Service Agency oversees, the agency’s highest ranking civil servant said here last week.

“The Biden administration wants to keep producers in business,” Steve Peterson, the FSA associate administrator, said at the International Sweetener Symposium sponsored by the American Sugar Alliance, an organization of the nation’s cane and beet growers.

Biden administration officials led by Zach Ducheneaux, the FSA administrator, “want to try to get to yes rather than shutting the door and closing the door,” Peterson said, noting that career officials are used to trying to hold the line to make sure program rules are followed.

“When we implement a program we can’t be sure we take into consideration every nuance,” he said.

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