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FSA halts CRP signups for fiscal year 2017


The Agriculture Department's Farm Service Agency this week halted signups for the Conservation Reserve Program for fiscal year 2017.

"Currently, more than 23.5 million acres are enrolled in CRP. USDA has paused sign-up to avoid surpassing the statutory enrollment limit of 24 million acres set in the 2014 farm bill," a USDA spokesman said.

Continuous sign-up approvals may resume at a later date, the spokesman said, adding that the agency will continue to accept offers for fiscal year 2018 but cannot guarantee that they will eventually be accepted.

More than 358,000 farms nationwide participate in CRP and there are over 637,000 active contracts, he added.

FSA announced the halt of signups through a notice to its state and county offices.

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition issued a blog post on the situation.