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It all started with a donkey. Back when history had its start,

He carried loads upon his back and sometimes pulled a cart.

He was small and kind of stubborn and he ate but little grass,

This faithful beast of burden was sometimes called an ass.

His loads were very light and his pace was sometimes slow

We needed something better so the donkey had to go.

We replaced him with an oxen, a strong and willing friend

He worked both hard and long for us, he was faithful to the end.

He conquered mighty mountains and defied the burning sand

He helped us build a nation as we settled on the land

But the plodding oxen is no more, his work on earth is done

He led us ever westward toward the setting sun.

The cowboy had a pony to help him do his bit

And this dashing daring hero we will never forget.

Old Henry got us going, when he first cranked up his car

And we climbed aboard our motor bike and really traveled far.

Then came the mighty diesel rigs, running up and down our roads,

With hard working happy drivers and a multitude of loads

Now they say we are running out of fuel, although there’s quite a bit

But the mighty corporations want all the money they can get.

They have raised the cost of living and it’s gotten out of hand,

Now I think it’s time us common folks finally took a stand

For our leader tells us it’s just fine to raise our gas

But if it keeps on getting higher we’ll soon be back upon our ass.


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