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Future CAB honorees wanted

To keep the Certified Angus Beef brand humming along at a pace that sells four tons each minute, it helps to recognize the good people and ideas that make it happen.

CAB does that at its annual conference in the fall, but first the brand must choose from a worthy field of partners along the supply chain. Nominations for these honors are open through March 31.

“We’re looking for producers who have a proven track record, who see the market rewards for supplying the CAB brand and have their sights set on creating even more,” said Miranda Reiman, industry information assistant director for the brand.

Here are the categories for the awards:

• The three Commitment to Excellence awards take into account the direct effect on the supply of high-quality cattle that qualify for the brand. Considerations include attention to genetic selection, management practices, customer service, progressive use of technology and overall CAB acceptance rate. Nominations are invited from the ranks of seedstock breeders, commercial producers and feedyards, as individuals or cattle companies.

• The Progressive Partner award recognizes those who have found the most innovative and effective ways to add value to high-quality cattle. It could be a unique marketing approach or a new application of technology, for example. Nominees may come from any segment of the industry and may be recognized as individuals or organizations.

Nominations can be made via a simple online application at: http://www.cabpartners.com/news/2017-CAB-Producer-Award-Nomination-Form.doc. CAB will notify winners later this spring, who will then be formally recognized at the brand’s annual conference Sept. 27-29 in Nashville, Tenn.

For more information, contact Kara Lee at (812) 653-0020 or klee@certifiedangusbeef.com.

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