Gardening again with a little help |

Gardening again with a little help

I created a nice garden plot for Mary. Behind the garage, it is fenced on the north by a board fence, with the garage as one side and cattle panels on two sides. It has rabbit-proof finer wire around the bottom two feet of the panel fence. The garden is absolutely critter proof.

We enjoyed growing a bounteous garden together. With Mary gone, I just didn’t feel like doing it alone. Even tasks as much work as gardening can be enjoyable when sharing with someone you deeply care for. I didn’t have my heart into growing a garden, but I didn’t want to see that good plot taken over by weeds. So, for the last two seasons, I have farmed my garden plot out to the neighbors across the street. They did the work and I was supplied with produce.

This spring the garden is again my responsibility, with some help getting it ready and planted. A good friend from Valentine, Neb., came and tilled it for me. Another very good friend helped plant it. When Mary and I were gardening together I got into it – planting, pulling weeds on my hands and knees and watering. I was enjoying the garden.

Now I am back at it, planting, replanting, weeding, watering, putting grass clippings between the rows and operating a hoe. That garden has taken on an aspect of importance for me. I have to take care of it and raise a good garden, not only for my peace of mind and sense of accomplishment but I can’t let the folks down who helped me.

It is hard to explain the changes brought into one’s life by aging and by circumstances. At an earlier time a garden would have been at the bottom of the scale of significance. Of course I think availability of time would have had a lot to do with that too. I have always liked flowers, but they would have been pretty low on that scale too.

I know I have developed a hard shell in some ways, circumstances of life does that to you. But, in other ways I have gotten softer, more sensitive, maybe more nurturing. I check the tomato plants every day to try to determine if I can detect any growth from the day before. There was a big pink flower by the garage yesterday and seeing it gave me an unexplained joyous feeling. I have been watching Mary’s roses for the first bloom, desperately hoping they will bloom in spite of meager care.

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