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Gardening tips

Anne Wuerslin
Larimer County CSU Extension Master Gardener

Tips on saving money as a gardener:

• Bring a list when you go plant shopping to stay on track.

• Do not buy more plants if you have not planted the ones you already have.

• Avoid plant plunking! Do not buy any plant if you do not have a specific spot in the garden for it.

• Patronize your local plant sales such as those hosted by garden clubs and non-profit organizations.

• Divide, conquer and make new friends – share newly divided perennials with friends and family.

• Buy starter-size perennial plants and use in containers for the summer. Come fall, they can go into your garden with a healthy root system.

• Successively sow vegetables such as beans and lettuce so that you have produce throughout the season.

• Start biennials such as hollyhocks and foxgloves from seeds now. You will have healthy plants for transplanting later this summer; they will bloom next year.

• Take softwood cuttings from herbaceous shrubs such as hydrangeas. Plant in a moist starter substance. You will have a small, healthy plant later this summer.

• Shop at mid-summer sales.

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