Gelbvieh Junior board of directors elected at Route 66 Classic

The American Gelbvieh Junior Association elected directors and officers for 2020-2021 during its junior national show in Springfield, Mo. Front row, left to right, Cody Forbes, De Smet, S.D.; Cade Cameron, Danville, Iowa; Madalynn Welsh, Franklin, Neb.; Alexx Starr, Stapleton, Neb.; Grace Vehige, Billings, Mo. Back row, left to right, Karley Rumfelt, Phillipsburg, Mo.; Brooke Nowack, Bland, Mo.; Preston Dunn, St. John, Kan.; Danielle Stock, Waukon, Iowa. Not pictured: Rachelle Anderson, Jamestown, Kan.
Photo courtesy AGJA

The election of the American Gelbvieh Junior Association board of directors was held at the 2020 AGJA Route 66 Classic in Springfield, Mo., on Wednesday, July 8, 2020. AGJA members elected four candidates to serve two-year terms.

The AGJA board of directors is comprised of nine AGJA members and one ex-officio member. Directors serve two-year terms and must be 16 years of age as of Jan. 1 and may not have reached his or her 20th birthday as of Jan. 1.

Newly elected board members are Rachelle Anderson, Jamestown, Kan., daughter of Robert and Charlotte Anderson; Preston Dunn, St. John, Kan., son of Brian and Carolynn Dunn; and Karley Rumfelt, Phillipsburg, Mo., daughter of Brad and Amy Rumfelt; and Alexx Starr, Stapleton, Neb., daughter of Scott and Raberta Starr, was re-elected to the board for her second term.

The board also elected individuals to serve in leadership positions on the 2020-2021 executive committee. Grace Vehige, Billings, Mo., daughter of Tom and Stacy Vehige, was re-elected president. Alexx Starr was elected vice president. Madalynn Welsh, Franklin, Neb., daughter of Brian and Gina Welsh, was elected vice president of leadership. Cade Cameron, Danville, Iowa, son of Greg and Dawn Cameron, was elected secretary and Cody Forbes, De Smet, S.D., son of Troy and Pam Forbes, was elected treasurer. Danielle Stock, Waukon, Iowa, daughter of Mark and Stacy Stock, was elected ex-officio.

Brooke Nowack, Bland, Mo., daughter of Jared and Caisie Nowack, will complete the second year of her term on the board.

Retiring members of the 2019-2020 AGJA board of directors were Jacob Barwick, Orleans, Neb., son of Rodney and Joanne Barwick; Grady Hammer, Wallace, Kan., son of Lyle and Christy Hammer and Colton Ivers, Austin, Minn., son of Steve and Rosalie Ivers.

The American Gelbvieh Junior Association is the junior division of the American Gelbvieh Association. The AGJA provides members up to 21 years of age the opportunity to participate in youth activities.