Getting rid of oil requires a lot of thought and research |

Getting rid of oil requires a lot of thought and research

I was listening to the radio the other day and a guy was talking about how he was on an oil tanker and these people in canoes paddled up to them to protest.

He said he had to laugh because the plastic canoes they were paddling were made using petroleum products. I guess the protesters could have made their own canoes out of wood, but they were probably against using forest products as well. Seems the only way they could protest a ship on the ocean would be to swim to it. And don’t throw them a life jacket because they are made with petroleum as well. And no surf boards either. To top it off, if they would have found themselves in trouble, they wouldn’t be able to use a cell phone to make a 911 call.

When you look at the many products made from oil and petroleum the list is endless.

How many of those protesters were wearing contact lenses, had used shampoo to wash their hair, toothpaste to brush their teeth, toothbrushes, soap, shaving cream, combs, deodorant, hand lotion, clothes, sunglasses, hair coloring, perfume, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick or eyeglasses? Yep, all these products made from oil.

So you say you want everyone in America driving electric cars. In order for those cars to be petroleum-free, you would have to remove the tires, upholstery, dsshboards, fan belts and much more. And you can forget about driving those cars on smooth asphalt and tar-covered roads.

Yes, some of the above products can substitute petroleum with other products and probably do already. But is it as efficient and cost prohibitive as using petroleum products? That may be true in some cases, maybe not in all.

And those products that can’t be easily and efficiently made petroleum-free will undoubtedly be more expensive.

Also, do you heat your home with natural gas? If so, that will have to change.

I’m not against using less crude oil and more renewable sources of energy, but we need to be realistic.

Before we go all renewable we need to make sure we can make wind turbines and solar panels without any fossil fuels and we need to find replacements for all products made from oil and petroleum.

It should be easy to trace the amount of greenhouse gases that are released during the manufacturing of wind turbines and solar panels. After all, scientists have managed to do that in the case of cows.

I realize that President Joe Biden wants to reward some members of his party and pay back the people who helped him get into office, but let’s not be hasty.

Let’s keep in mind how difficult is has been vaccinating the country for coronavirus, so do we really think we are ready to get rid of fossil fuels in one fail swoop?


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