GFI cites plant-based success, Hartman expects scrutiny |

GFI cites plant-based success, Hartman expects scrutiny

Amid a flurry of news about plant-based foods this week, the Good Food Institute, which promotes both plant-based and cell-based protein, said the industry is on a roll, while the Seattle-based Hartman Group said consumers are going to scrutinize plant-based foods more carefully.

“While 2018 and 2019 saw the spread of state-level attempts to censor plant-based companies, a district judge in Arkansas put the brakes on the law there,” GFI said in an email to The Hagstrom Report. “The judge didn’t just grant our preliminary injunction, he said we were ‘likely to prevail on the merits of (our) First Amendment claim.’”

The Hartman Group said in a newsletter Tuesday, “As consumers get more involved with plant-based food and beverage products, they will increasingly want to know more about how they’re made and what’s inside.” The newsletter notes that many plant-based foods are highly processed, which runs counter to other trends, and that investors have been rushing into the plant-based space.

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