Give the gift of 4-H |

Give the gift of 4-H

Start the new year off right. Enroll your children in the Good Luck 4-H Club.
Do you want, you and your children to make new friends? Do you want your children to get involved in hands-on projects that will help them be successful in life? If so, check out and enroll in the Good Luck 4-H Club at the Good Luck 4-H Club Discovery Day and Open House, Jan. 28.
What is Discovery Day? Discovery Day is a day where all can meet and learn what your children can pursue in the club. We have everything from animal projects to tabletop projects. Almost everybody thinks that 4-H is just about animals, it’s not. Farm or not, we have something for you to love.
Why should you enroll your children in 4-H? Simple. To learn life skills, leadership, public speaking, self-esteem, communication and planning. Our club is super welcoming, diverse and respectful. People of all ages are welcome. Over the year, you will put together your project(s) for the Adams County Fair in the summertime.
Come to the Good Luck 4-H Club Discovery Day on Jan. 28, 2023, between noon and 3 p.m. to check out this wonderful opportunity. We are located in the Good Luck Building at the Riverdale Regional Park and Fairgrounds in Adams County.
For more information call Organizational Leader, Gloria Cundall at (303) 659-5559.

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