GMA loses members as times change |

GMA loses members as times change

Roger Lowe
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The Grocery Manufacturers Association, which has represented the nation’s food companies for decades, has been losing members as times change and there are differences among members over policy, Politico reported.

After the story was published, Roger Lowe, the executive vice president of strategic communications at GMA, told Politico the story “relies heavily on nameless sources and former GMA staff who are out of touch with the organization’s work in recent years or who are eager to advance their own personal agenda.”

“Those critics have little knowledge or interest in acknowledging GMA’s trailblazing work in transparency that gives people more information than could ever fit on a package label, its leadership on strong food safety regulations, or its work with the Obama administration — and now with the Trump administration — on health and wellness, including front-of-pack labeling,” Lowe said.

Lowe also said GMA is working “to continually improve how we serve our members and consumers” and is engaged in a project called “GMA Reinvention.”

But Politico replied, “We stand by our reporting, which drew from plenty of current sources, including a deep bench of members and longtime industry leaders who spoke on background. Frustration with GMA runs deep in this town and has for some time.”

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