Good life |

Good life

Sandy Lemmon Crawford, Neb.

Layin’ in the shade, my hat pulled down,

Waitin’ my turn to ride –

Tired from the drive but feelin’ good

Best friend at my side.

Loadin’ the chutes, I hear them say,

I pick up my saddle and go,

Head around, tryin’ not to hurry –

But also not goin’ too slow.

Find my horse in chute number three,

He’s not standin’ there too bad.

Heard some talk about his buckin’,

He’s one I never had.

They open the gate, I give it my all –

Reachin’ and rakin’ my spurs –

Feelin’ the high of ridin’ the horse,

Good way to live, for sure.

Whistle sounds, eight seconds is over,

Have to give up my ride –

Reach for the pickup man, leavin’ my bronc,

Touch ground, I’m satisfied.

Rode a good bronc, made a good ride,

Now I just have to wait.

Six more riders still in the show,

Waitin’ behind the gate.

Rodeo’s over, I ended up second,

Better than ending up last –

Got plenty of money for next entry fee,

Plus some for my travelin’ gas.