Got the wind knocked out of me |

Got the wind knocked out of me

The other day when I was trying to hang a plant on my porch, I fell and got the wind knocked right out of me.

That hasn’t happened to me since I was playing roller derby and a skater named Toxic Jane rear-ended me and I fell on my chest, got the wind knocked out of me and bruised a few ribs.

I don’t know where that phrase “got the wind knocked out of me” came from, but it used to happen to me, and my sisters, a lot when we were young.

I remember one time we were playing in the hayloft and my sister fell through a hay chute and landed on the cement floor of the barn and got the wind knocked out of her.

One time I was swinging on a tree branch in the backyard and my sister wanted to try it. I let her and while she was swinging the branch broke. There she lay on her back on the ground still holding the tree branch in her hands. That time we got into big trouble from my mother because my other sisters and I were laughing, which, once she got her wind back, made my sister cry.

I got the wind knocked out of me when I fell off the roof of the garage, where I was not supposed to be in the first place. So I made sure my parents didn’t find out about that incident.

It is not a very pleasant feeling not being able to breathe for a second and I hope it never happens again.

I might have to start acting my age and use a ladder instead of a wobbly chair, standing on my tippy toes to hang my plants. ❖


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