Governor proclaims 2020 The Year of Local Food in Colorado |

Governor proclaims 2020 The Year of Local Food in Colorado

BROOMFIELD, Colo. – Gov. Jared Polis last week issued a proclamation declaring 2020 to be the Year of Local Food in Colorado. Created in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, the proclamation highlights the value of local agriculture to the state and the appreciation for all who grow, harvest, process and distribute food.

“Now more than ever it’s important that we support our small Colorado businesses who are key for our local economies,” said Gov. Polis. “Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our farmers and ranchers we continue to grow delicious Colorado food to feed our families.”

The proclamation, which encourages consumers to purchase Colorado fruits, vegetables, grains, meats and beverages, also addresses the importance of healthy soils, safe workplaces, fair prices and wages, farmer and rancher compensation and CDA’s Colorado Proud program.

“Food and agricultural businesses can provide an economic boost to rural areas that were suffering even before the pandemic struck,” said Kathryn Bedell, member of the state Agriculture Commission and initiator of the proclamation. “Local and regional food systems are essential for security both from pandemic related food shortages and climate disasters. Buy Local!”

An enhanced focus on and the formation of local agricultural production, processing and food distribution systems are intended to increase the economic sustainability of farming and ranching, shorten supply chains and increase the ability of every person in Colorado to access safe, healthy, and abundant local food systems.

“Supporting local agriculture is a simple way to support the success of Colorado’s ag producers,” said Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture Kate Greenberg. “That success has a ripple effect that impacts small businesses, rural communities, the availability of farmland and water, and equitable access to nutritious food for all people in Colorado.”

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