Grand Firecracker Jackpot |

Grand Firecracker Jackpot

The Firecracker Jackpot turned out to be a great day!

People from New Mexico and Utah traveled to be there and others came from Wellington and Byers up near Denver as well as Grand Junction and the surrounding areas.

We started with the showmanship classes, market then open grand champion, which was won by Andrea Maneotics, Reserve was Macy Collins.

The Firecracker Jackpot, which was only open to those that bought at the Firecracker sale back in March, was won by Macy Collins. She won $500 plus a handmade plaque and an embroidered blanket for her goat. She is the grand daughter of Forrest Nelson from Meeker Colo. The reserve champion was won by Annie McNeel of New Castle, Colo., she won $300 plus a plaque and blanket. The runner-up was won by Shelby Walker of Aztec, N.M., she won $200 a plaque and blanket. We also had three open doe classes that anyone could show in.

We had the local TV Channel 8 stop by and interview the judge, Michael Flores, and one of the committee members, Carol McNeel, that explained what we were trying to achieve and we also had the Daily Sentinel come by.

Because this was the 4th of July weekend we though we would add some humor to the day so we added three fun classes!

We started with a “bribe your goat” race were the kids had to start at point A, let their goat loose and bribe them with treats to point B without touching them. The next race was much more exhausting! We had three rows of obstacles such as small jumps, hoops and poles to weave in and out of. There were so many entries that we had to run it in relays of three until we got down to the last three and got a winner! Then it was time for what all the kids had been waiting for … the costume class! The ring was full as the kids and goats paraded around.

Everyone was pointing and laughing as they saw uncle Sam and his goat in the red white and blue dress and a goat painted as a Zebra and the handler in safari clothes. One girl and her goat were cowgirls, we had clowns, construction workers, a lion, bumble bees, fairies. The winner was a little Indian girl and her goat was dressed up as her horse!

I think everyone had a great day, my thanks to all those that worked so hard to make this possible!

We will be having another Firecracker sale next year on Saturday, April 9, 2011, at the Mesa County Fairgrounds in Grand Junction, Colo. Please call (970) 234-9229 if you are interested in participating next year.

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