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Grand Junction Firecracker Jackpot Show

The Firecracker sale held recently in Grand Junction, Colo., was a huge success! There were 80 goats for sale 45 of which were wethers, the prices ranged from $250 up to $550.

The bleachers were packed as they listened intently to what Katie Sinclair from Ranch-Way feed had to say on Nutrition. Dr. Peter Jouflas of Amigo Animal clinic did a talk on horn disbudding and health issues. Megan Hamilton did a talk and demonstration on how to show your wethers and Erica Ashby did a hoof trimming demonstration.

We had 67 bidders and 17 consignors, which is not huge if you live in Texas, but this was on the Western Slope in Colorado! This was a first time venture and it really paid off! The breeding stock sold well and one doe bought from Natalie Pruitt of New Mexico for $550 by Greg and Gloria Floyd from Nebraska won overall grand champion at the Greeley Goat Extravaganza! Two more wethers bought at the Firecracker came in second in large classes.

We had a doe donated by Judith Scott from Wind Call boers and a fullblood buck donated by Erica Ashby from Kickin A Ranch in Austin, Colo. They both exceeded our expectations in raising money for the Firecracker Jackpot. The buck was won by Greg and Julie Fransen of Fransen boers in Alamosa, Colo., and the doe was won by Forrest Nelson of Meeker, Colo. Both these breeders have been invited back next year because they had some very nice wethers in the sale. We raised enough money for the $1,000 added money Jackpot on July 3, plus all expenses – we hope to give even more money next year to the jackpot winners!

The jackpot will be lots of fun! Weigh-in is at 10 a.m., the show at 11 a.m. ($15 per class entry fee and $5 per showmanship class.)

Only the people who bought from the firecracker sale will win added cash awards of $500 for grand champion, $300 for reserve champion and $200 for runner-up. It will be held at the Mesa County Fairgrounds in Grand Junction, Colo., on July 3.

It is also sanctioned by the MSMGA and has a doe futurity class for those that bought from the Utah state fair.

There will be a costume dress class with a $50 first prize and lots of other FUN classes as it will be the 4th of July weekend.

For more information, please go to or call Carol McNeel at (970) 379-7599.

Thank you to all those that made this possible and all their hard work!

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