Grandma’s waffle iron made special family treats |

Grandma’s waffle iron made special family treats

When we finally got electricity on the farm, a lot of wonderful new experiences came along with it. We loved having light at the flip of a switch. We looked forward to getting a television set as soon as they became efficient enough for people to enjoy. Mom treated us to T-bone steaks broiled in the oven of her new electric stove every Sunday noon. What a treat they were!

But one of the fondest memories I have of those times involved a newfangled appliance Grandma bought. She lived in town and had electricity all along. But she was a frugal woman, so she didn’t buy unnecessary items. We were surprised and pleased when something prompted her to buy an electric waffle iron!

None of her grown children had such a modern new device, so she decided to invite us to her house, one family at a time, for a Saturday night supper of crisp waffles and homemade pork sausage. We could hardly wait for our turn.

Of course, Grandma’s house was a regular Saturday night stop. Before we went uptown to buy groceries, go to a movie, and visit with friends, we’d stop at Grandma’s to deliver eggs, milk, cream, and other items we produced on the farm. The sausage she served with the waffles would have been some Mom and Dad made themselves.

It was hard to wait for my turn as Grandma turned out waffles as quickly as the shiny new waffle iron could make them. But they were worth the wait, topped with melting butter and syrup, with a chunk of sausage beside.

I suspect it took quite a while until our family had their fill since there were six of us, counting our parents. But I can still see Grandma smiling that perky smile of hers as she mixed the batter and cooked the sausage.

How we all loved our hardworking little Grandma with her wavy gray hair wound around her head and her knobby arthritic fingers always busy. Every visit to her house was enjoyable, but that night, when we came to eat waffles for the first time, is a visit I’ll always remember and treasure.

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