Grass seeding available to small-acreage landowners |

Grass seeding available to small-acreage landowners

The West Greeley Conservation District is offering grass seeding to small acreage landowners in Weld County.

The district will assist landowners in evaluating their land for the purpose of grass seeding, offer recommendations for seed, and assist landowners with other conservation measures. It also offers seeding services from October through late April depending on weather conditions. The seeding program services are granted on a first come, first serve basis.

The services offered by the WGCD are ideal for the small acreage landowner or anyone else who wants an effective and cost efficient way to receive consultation services as well as professional reseeding applications. The landowner is required to obtain their own seed, however the district will make recommendations for seed depending on the landowner’s interests and goals.

The district’s seeding services apply to native grasses only. The cost of seed varies and depends upon the needs of the landowner but can average less than $50 per acre. Total seeding costs depend on the acreage seeded, the time required to seed your property, travel costs, and the cost of seed. The district also rents equipment for use on small plots.

For a complete listing of services offered by the district or to download an application for services, go to or for more information contact the West Greeley Conservation District at (970) 356-8097, Ext. 3.

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