Grassley meets with Pruitt regarding Renewable Fuel Standard |

Grassley meets with Pruitt regarding Renewable Fuel Standard

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, left, listens to Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, in this photo released by Grassley’s office.
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Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said he was pleased with the meeting he and other Midwestern senators held with Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt about the Renewable Fuel Standard.

“I’m glad Administrator Pruitt met with me and other senators and heard our concerns,” Grassley said in an email. “I told Administrator Pruitt that supporting biofuels isn’t just good policy. It’s also what President (Donald) Trump promised. I reiterated what the president told me personally and what he told Iowans during the campaign; that he’s for biofuels and for a strong RFS. That message seemed to be well-received by Administrator Pruitt.

“Renewable energies like biofuels are the backbone of so many local economies across the Midwest and key to meeting the country’s energy needs. This is about the president’s keeping his promise to the people and the executive branch’s executing the laws as passed by Congress. It’s Administrator Pruitt’s duty to follow congressional intent and also make good on President Trump’s pledge to support biofuels. I’ll oppose any effort to reduce blending levels or undermine the integrity of the RFS. I’m watching this issue closely and plan to hold the administration accountable.”

Grassley also noted he and a bipartisan group of 32 other senators urged the EPA to maintain levels for 2018 and increase its proposed 2019 Renewable Volume Obligations for biodiesel, and that he and a bipartisan group of 37 other senators wrote to Pruitt earlier this month calling for a strong Renewable Fuel Standard.


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